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Dynamic Microphone for karaoke.


Sing your song.

Custom designed for optimal vocal performance.
This new, dynamic microphone has been designed to sound at its very best when used for singing. The microphone’s frequency response is matched to the frequency band (3 tot 5 kHz) of the human voice. That is why these microphones have an easy and pleasant sound, making sure that vocal sounds will be expressed clearly.

Talk switch with double contacts.
Thanks to the talk switch with double contact points, it can be used without sound interruption. Even if one of the contacts should become defective.

Gold plated 2-way plug can be used to connect the microphone to all kinds of equipment
A standard plug adapter (φ6.3 mm) is included. It can easily be connected to various karaoke sets.

The taper shaped microphone body fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to hold.

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Dynamic Microphone for karaoke.