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Pioneer DJ poinformowal o wprowadzeniu do sprzedaży (2-ga polowa wrzesnia) nowego kontrolera – DDJ-WeGO4.

Do kontrolera dolaczony będzie darmowy klucz licencyjny do rekordbox dj.

The DDJ-WeGO4 features all the tactile controls you need to learn to mix seamlessly, including play/cue buttons, EQ knobs, tempo sliders, a crossfader and jog wheels for scratching. The sampler, Hot Cues and Pad FX are all inherited from professional hardware, bringing even more creative possibilities to your sets. Setting up the DDJ-WeGO4 is easy too – you just plug in the supplied USB cable or a Lightning cable and it’s ready to use – and your iPad fits neatly into the slot at the top of the controller to give you the perfect viewing angle.

A licence key for our professional DJ performance application for Mac/PC, rekordbox dj, comes bundled with the DDJ-WeGO4, so you can plug it into your laptop and start DJing straight out of the box. The controller is also compatible with WeDJ, our new, easy-to-use DJ performance app for iPad, which lets you mix the tracks in your iTunes library, and you can use the DDJ-WeGO4 with the popular djay iOS and Android app. And if you’re looking for the ideal gear to complete your Pioneer DJ set-up, the DM-40 speakers and HDJ-700 headphones are perfect partners to the DDJ-WeGO4.

The DDJ-WeGO4 is available from mid-September

The DJC-B/WEGO3+BAG protective bag for the DDJ-WeGO4 is available separately. Find out more about the bag, which features egg-foam and fleeced lining to prevent damage from vibrations and shocks during transportation.

WeDJ is available in the App Store now at an introductory price until 30th September 2016, and at the regular price from 1st October 2016.

Key features of the DDJ-WeGO4

  1. Connects easily with multiple devices
    Plug the DDJ-WeGO4 into your PC/Mac with a USB cable, or connect to your iPad/iPhone with a Lightning cable, and start mixing your music using the compatible DJ performance app of your choice.
  2. Supports WeDJ app and bundled rekordbox dj
    The DDJ-WeGO4 is compatible with our new easy-to-use DJ performance app for iPad, WeDJ (available separately). When connected, the WeDJ display changes to a dedicated intuitive interface that’s optimised for use with the hardware, making learning to mix a breeze. The DDJ-WeGO4 also comes bundled with a licence key for our professional DJ performance app, rekordbox dj for PC/Mac, so you can enjoy advanced features and arrange your tracks with more flexibility. The DDJ-WeGO4 is also compatible with several other DJ apps and software packages including Algoriddim djay and vjay, and Atomix VirtualDJ.
  3. Clear, intuitive controls
    The straightforward layout of the DDJ-WeGO4 gives you easy control over your mix.
  4. Professional FX and performance features
    Although the DDJ-WeGO4 is perfect for beginners learning to mix, it packs in a number of professional-standard performance features and FX inherited from pro hardware, including CDJ multiplayers and DJM mixers. You can use the Hot Cues, sampler, Pad FX and loops to unleash your creativity and make your sets unique.
  5. PC Master Out – use computer’s speaker for master out and controller for headphones
    When using the DDJ-WeGO4 with rekordbox dj, for flexibility and use on the move you can choose to hear your mix through your computer’s internal speaker/connected desktop speaker, while using the controller for your headphones at the same time.
  6. Compact design with a choice of colours
    You can take the party wherever you want as the DDJ-WeGO4 is small and lightweight enough to carry in a backpack. The sandblast finished aluminium panels on the jog wheels give a quality look and you can choose between the black and white versions to match the colour of your gear.
  7. Other features
    • High-quality, powerful sound
    • Mic input circuit for clear audio, even at high volume
    • Built-in sound card for easy connection to PC/Mac with a single USB cable