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Ultra-Compact, Reference Series 2-Channel, Class-D, Bridgeable Stereo Amplifier

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Ultra-Compact, Reference Series 2-Channel, Class-D, Bridgeable Stereo Amplifier.

Full Digital, In-Vehicle Amplifier for Competition-Level Sound.

Under the umbrella of the Pioneer Reference Series (PRS), the PRS-D800 has been crafted using only the highest quality components to bring superior sound quality to a broader range of consumers and vehicles.

A full-range, Full Digital (Class D), bridgeable 2-channel amplifier, the PRS-D800 is unique due to its high power, high sound quality and ultra-compact size.

Essential features include:


  • Full Digital (Class-D) amplifier 2-channel amplifier concept. A high-slew rate operational amp is used to reduce the high-frequency distortion inherent to many Class D full range designs.
  • High-Grade Audio parts.
  • No Crossover functionality included.
  • L/R independent gain control.
  • Total Vibration Control (TVC) that utilises anti-vibration materials and advanced structural engineering to minimise distortion and raise signal-to-noise ratio.


  • RMS Power: 2 x 125 W (4 Ohm) / 2 x 150 W (2 Ohm) / 1 x 300 W (4 Ohm bridge).

Ultra-Compact Design:

  • Only 225 x 50 x 104 mm in size (LxWxH), the chassis has been optimised for use as a part of a modular or building block amplifier system.
    Alternatively, it can fit side-by-side or even stacked with other PRS-D800 amplifiers. Placed side-by-side, three PRS-D800s take up the surface area of a standard A4 sheet of paper.

Combine the PRS-D800 amplifier with the DEH-80PRS CD Tuner to achieve pure quality audio performance.